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Airport Carbon Accreditation Administration

In 2024, the primary objective of Environmental Minds is the preparation for the administration of Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA); the global standard for carbon management in the airport industry.  We are currently recruiting experts to reinforce our team and expanding the essential technical resources framework so that airports can seamlessly navigate through the accreditation process. 

Airport Carbon Accreditation independently assesses and recognises the efforts of airports to manage and reduce their carbon emissions through 7 levels of certification: ‘Mapping’, ‘Reduction’, ‘Optimisation’, ‘Neutrality’, ‘Transformation’, ‘Transition’ and ‘Level 5’. It is a programme that relies on internationally recognised methodologies and is relevant to airports of all sizes and types. As of early 2024, there are more than 550 accredited airports across the world. 

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Manager Positions

Coordinator Positions

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