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Working with Clients & Partners

ACI EUROPE - Advisory Services

Environmental Minds serves as an advisor to ACI EUROPE primarily in relation to the development of Airport Carbon Accreditation, including consultation with airports, preparation of the Annual Report and Manuals as well as data analysis/validation, but also regarding other key initiatives, such as the formulation of the sustainability strategy for airports.

ACI Asia Pacific & Middle East - Airport Decarbonisation

Environmental Minds serves as an advisor to ACI Asia Pacific & Middle East in relation to the development of decarbonisation initiatives in the region.

Egis - Sustainability Assessment

Environmental Minds undertook a sustainability assessment of Bruges-Ostend airport in 2022 by using the ACI EUROPE Sustainability Strategy for Airports framework and associated assessment tool. This project involved the review of relevant documentation, meeting airport experts and executives as well as a site visit. As a result, it was possible to quantify information in the fields of air quality, carbon emissions, noise, material resources and water, and biodiversity as well as discuss areas for further development. 

GFA / IURC - International Urban & Regional Cooperation

The European Union International Urban and Regional Cooperation project (IURC, 2021-2024) aimed to lead and develop a form of decentralised international urban and regional cooperation in the fields of sustainable urban development and innovation, in key partner countries and regions in line with the external dimension of “Europe 2020.” IURC optimised the added value of international cooperation into a global network of reference for urban & regional innovation.

As part of its collaboration with the GFA Consulting Group, Environmental Minds was responsible for the Indian component of the project. In close cooperation with three Indian experts Environmental Minds managed the project focusing on cooperation between EU and Indian cities on sustainable urbanization (e.g., mobility, flood monitoring, solid waste management), exchange of best practices, organisation of exchange visits, development of pilot projects, and formulation of capacity building events. 

Football Training

IATA-Training Courses

Environmental Minds developed the Managing Green Airports and Waste Management in Aviation courses for IATA.

The 32-hour course on Managing Green Airports provides a comprehensive overview of airport environmental matters, including climate change, noise management, local air quality, waste and water management, wildlife management, as well as environmental management systems, community engagement and decision making. 

The 16-hour course on Waste Management in Aviation examines how to manage cabin waste effectively and efficiently. Participants have the opportunity to review the cabin waste framework, understand the complexity of cabin waste operations within an airport environment, assess the regulatory environment that influences decision making, as well as review case studies and best practices. 

To70 - Planning & Support

Environmental Minds provided support and planning services to To70 in relation to the capacity assessment studies for the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Rhodes, Kos, Mykonos, and Santorini. 

Various Clients - Advisory Services*

Advisory services were provided to several clients regarding training, environmental management, carbon management, environmental assessments, and due diligence.


* Projects before 2021. 

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